What We Provide

Our staff and consultants can help to create software platforms to meet your identified needs. These can be for web, e-commerce or m-commerce platforms ranging from Time Banking to mobile applications to data driven management applications.

Our experience in the UK and the public sector make us an ideal partner in diverse areas such as:

  • Ecommerce and mcommerce solutions
  • Mobile apps development.
  • Authentication, Smartcard, Barcode and RFID tracking solutions.
  • CRM, SaaS, Data Capture based business solutions.
  • Banking, insurance CRM development.
  • Information architecture and usability.
  • Writing detailed specification prior to software development.
  • Solutions integration into exiting or planned software systems.

Our consultants can help you make informed decisions, whether buying software or commissioning or taking over existing software commitments. Our in-depth assessments can militate against the risk of over valuation, fit for purpose or purchase.  We can assist with implementation financial controls to ensure system integrity.

And our trained experts can prevent software system incompatibilities and mistakes, which can cost sums to fix and lost time and revenues.

If you are not clear about any of the following:

  • What is the software really worth?
  • Are you buying the right software for your purposes?
  • Project management for system implementation.
  • Is the software tested adequately?
  • Strategic software reviews and business planning.
  • System ergonomics, data optimization, e-commerce and CRM systems.
  • Project rescue and crisis management and planning to make your life easier.