The Cross Project

CROSS will explore how government agencies can provide services to their citizens by a bottom-up approach. With fewer revenues from central government to the local authorities in the future, forcing higher taxes or fewer services unless a citizen centric approach is adopted by agencies to target interventions effectively. Furthermore the EU believes that 50% of GDP value is in non-monetary transactions, where money does not change hands, and we need to know the true value of this to make better informed decisions.

Sparta as the UK node leader for CROSS along with MDDA, Manchester Council as the pilot leader, are implementing a pilot in Greater Manchester.  At the end of the pilot along with MDDA & Manchester Council we would help disseminate the results to policy makers in UK and EU. Sparta is the technical partner, and will create software platforms (online and mobile applications) and support the Pilot. The key is sustainability, mixing a blend of voluntary exchanges and smart payments and third party collaboration with open access to all citizens.